The Meaning of a Phone

What is the meaning of a phone?

Aleks Michajlowicz
1 min readOct 17, 2020


Pick it up before it rings.

Put it down as it rings.

See it ring without hearing it ring.

You can also learn the meaning of a phone on your phone.

A phone is an app that never trends in the app store.

A phone is a node in a network of phones.

A phone listens when you aren’t using it.

A phone speaks without you holding it.

A phone makes people money without ever speaking into it.

You check your pockets more than you check your messages.

Coming home to no new messages or opening an app to see no likes?

Your ear touches your shoulder and your chin touches your chest.

A phone keeps your head spinning like a bowling ball.

A phone finds you while you lose yourself.

Thumb wars are now a non-contact sport.

You get the idea.



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