The Consequences of Cheat Coding your Personal Growth

Aleks Michajlowicz
4 min readOct 2, 2021


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When you cheat or plagiarise at school or university, you aren’t really in that much trouble with the institution, you won’t ruin their status or reputation, they will survive the only trouble you cause is that of your professional future. (I don’t condone cheating, by the way.)

It’s important to mention that when I say cheat I don’t mean copying somebody’s work, exactly. Cheating could be doing the absolute bare minimum in your essay or project work, it could be ignoring offers for support from your mentors or peers, it could even be considered cheating when you simply play it safe with your ideas and expression.

If you get into the habit of cutting corners and cheating in life, eventually time moves on and you will find yourself in situations where you are expected to know what you are doing, except you don’t, simply because you refused to learn and instead chose to cheat.

When a piano teacher is deciding whether to promote you to the next level they consider your progress and how well you’ve followed their guides and lessons, and whether or not you were able to learn new concepts on top of the previous ones. The levels are designed to help you become a better piano player and musician, without them we’ll never know how good we are.

Now when it comes to the journey of life, the everyday responsibilities, there are no levels, nothing that is taught about in school or even explained by our parents. No grades given or feedback. We are all non the wiser to which level we are playing, often our whole lives.

Some people we meet will often pretend that they are level 8 players, by talking a lot, when in reality you know they barely passed level 1, but it’s too easy to fool people unless they are put in the spotlight with the metaphorical piano and expected to play, but don’t know how they won’t be found out and made to do it properly.

This isn’t very helpful info so far, you’re probably wondering how you can get onto a purer path in life we all wonder what it is we should go all-in on in life. The older generations I meet have always given the same advice that there is no rush to find our true calling, and also that they are still not sure what their calling is at age 50+.

There are no clear answers to how you grow into your optimal self, although the answers do exist, they are intangible and can only be found by being yourself.

But what if feeling yourself is when you are goofing around and sabotaging any potential success?

Whether conscious or not, if we are constantly consuming energies, stories, quick wins, and fulfillment, when will there be any time for creating and manifesting the life we all deserve?

There are many systems at work here that you can learn to answer this important question. But I digress!

When we are stuck and cloudy in our minds, we revert to a faceless member of society, we play it safe, we cut corners to make it to the weekend quicker, and copy the ideas of others to make our ideas appear better. A harsh reality, but true for most of us, and I’m guilty of it too, I understand, that’s why I write this.

So how exactly do we come to know who exactly we are, first and foremost?

Currently, you may believe that who you are is what the people around you expect you to be, and encourage you to do or say. Like a YouTuber who is reliant on keeping their audience entertained and validated. If they were to suddenly start to explore their true nature on their channel they may lose their audience and therefore money and livelihood. That can’t happen, so they will stick to what others expect of them. Maybe they want to change but worry that they may contradict their old ideas and self?

Bottom line is that we are all growing and changing, even our bones are regenerated every 10 years. If we accept that we can begin to become who we want to be or align better with our true nature, we’ll be a lot more focused and clear of mind.

Feeling accomplished and happy is not a constant state, it’s a destination. What matters is how we conduct ourselves in every moment we find ourselves in.

The trick then is to find a perfect balance of vulnerability and vigor. Assert yourself but know the boundaries of yourself and everyone around. Stick to your values, remember your training, trust the process, and above all else be patient.

Short cuts to success are a lie. Don’t fall into the trap. If you trust your learning systems then your life will become more filled with meaning.



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