Meditation in 2022

Image by Spencer Selover

Why do people meditate? What problem does it solve?

The answer is very subjective, but let’s explore the landscape a little.

How to Meditate

Typically, when you think of a person meditating, you picture the Buddhist monk sitting, silently, cross-legged, in a forest somewhere, index finger to thumb.

  • Focusing on my breathing rhythm.
  • Noticing the surface of my skin.
  • Noticing the air and ambient sounds around me.
  • I gain a new perspective.
  • My self-awareness increases.
  • It brings me back to the present moment.
  • I feel grateful.
  • Reduces any negative or intrusive thoughts I might have had.
  • Increases my creativity and imagination.
  • Increases my patience and tolerance.

Trust the process

I’ve been practicing for years, on and off, and I must admit it’s not easy, to begin with, I expected fast results and instant changes.

Trust the Science

My viewpoint in the past was that meditation was just pseudoscience until I turned to actual scientific research.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in getting started with meditation then my tips would be
to just start by sitting somewhere calm and focussing on your breathing.



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