Meditation in 2022

Image by Spencer Selover

Why do people meditate? What problem does it solve?

How to Meditate

  • Keeping very still
  • Focusing on my breathing rhythm.
  • Noticing the surface of my skin.
  • Noticing the air and ambient sounds around me.
  • I genuinely become more relaxed and recharged
  • I gain a new perspective.
  • My self-awareness increases.
  • It brings me back to the present moment.
  • I feel grateful.
  • Reduces any negative or intrusive thoughts I might have had.
  • Increases my creativity and imagination.
  • Increases my patience and tolerance.

Trust the process

Trust the Science

Final Thoughts




Film, books, writing, health and compounding wealth.

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Aleks Michajlowicz

Aleks Michajlowicz

Film, books, writing, health and compounding wealth.

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