Don’t listen to anyone, follow your pulse

Owner is the Author

Unless someone is telling you there’s a tiger right behind you ready to pounce, what they tell you should never have any drastic effect on where you go in life.

In some cases, it could be that what someone is telling you does hold nuggets of truth that you resonate with, but ultimately it is your job to figure out what that truth is and how you want to apply it to your reality.

The bottom line is, if you get excited by it, then it’s what you should do.

If you are excited by it, and someone tells you it’s a bad idea, ignore their ideas whether good and bad, they are not yours. Unless of course, you are in immediate and clear danger, in which case, listen well, because your life depends on it, but if not, stay focussed on your path.

You are you and only you know you.

Whatever works for you is all there is in life, and strong interference is just opposition.

Your right is to live how you want to live.

Although there are risks involved with being so daring with your intuition, mistakes and failures are perfectly normal. Nothing to see here!

Mistakes and failures are just as much a feature of life as anything else. The bug to this game of life is when you don’t learn from your mistakes after so many times. Only you will know when you’ve reached your limit!

So go out there and cause a stir, and be vigilant of advice especially from those who rarely/never go out of their comfort zone. They are just projecting.

Protect yourself, deflect these people, live your life, tell more stories.



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